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The Git Mindset

Learn the underlying architecture of Git in simple terms. Gain a deep intuition of the Git version control system, simplified through story telling.

The Git Mindset is an online course that helps you understand the intuition behind Git. It uses storytelling to explain to you not only how to use Git, but also how it works and why it was designed that way.

I found that too many tutorials focus on illustrating a few basic commands and hoping that that's all the student is going to need. This works well until the student finds themselves in a novel situation, which happens more often that anybody would like.


I built this course because I felt that storytelling could be a powerful mechanism to help build an intuition about what actually goes on in the Git repository. The course is centered around a single developer (Ana) who starts with a primitive workflow (code in a directory on a computer and hope for the best). She evolves her workflow over time and is joined by other team members. They iterate on it until they end up with a system very much like Git. Watching Ana and her team basically invent Git from the ground up will build a solid foundation for the many hands-on labs that I use to teach Git.

I built this course because I felt that storytelling could be a powerful mechanism to help build an intuition about what actually goes on in the Git repository.

By the end of the course, you'll not only be comfortable using Git in day-to-day development situations, but you'll also know your way around the many advanced operations you're likely to need. You'll be better not only at collaborating with your coworkers, but also better at troubleshooting your code and understanding the history of your project.

The course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. You can enrol into The Git Mindset for the price of lunch using this Udemy coupon.

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Even if you decide not to enrol, the course landing page has many free videos for you to preview and enjoy.

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